Want to submit to E.L.M Magazine?

Looking to submit to the Online Digital Magazine?


1. SEND IMAGES elmmagz@gmail.comĀ 

  • Images must be 300 DPI
  • No excessive retouching. (skin must look natural as possible. we don’t want porcelain skin sorry)
  • PHOTO MUST BE EXCLUSIVE AND NOT ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS. (a couple of behind the scenes is fine)

2. Provide Social Media Links and model must be following us on IG at least

3. Photographers send models in separate emails with the IG name in subject

4. Images must be sets of 5-6 photos of the same content (outfit/look) NO MIX MATCH SETS


What we look for to better your chances? Besides the fact that this is an “eye candy” magazine

  1. Social Media Following
  2. Promotion of previous magazines
  3. Quality of retouching
  4. Quality of Images submitted. (clarity and sharpness)
  5. Quality of lighting and posing
  6. Images should have a theme or concept going. this isnt mandatory although but the set should look like effort and thought was put into it. Lets try to submit more than just ass and tits in the woods shot.

If picked we will email you back


Email information to elmmagz@gmail.com